With Atlanta Cake Rentals, you can save a butt load of money on the wedding cake for your special day. Why should you have to fork out all that cash when you can get the look and have all the pictures without having to pay a ton? Our cakes feature real fondant and also gum paste, and they have an edible section that will allow you to cut, feed each other, and get all of the photos you need. Then you can roll the cake away and serve a cheaper sheet cake to your guests. No one will know!

With our rented cakes, you also won’t have to worry about weather concerns. And you won’t have to worry about anyone dropping or damaging the cake. That can make for a huge headache on your special day, and you’ll want to have one less thing to worry about! This should be a special time for you and your spouse! You’re getting married! Leave the cake to us.

We offer a service to you and your spouse. We allow you to rent a beautiful and elegantly designed cake that will be a centerpiece of your wedding. The cake will be covered with actual fondant, and it will look and feel completely real and authentic. No one will know it’s not a real wedding cake, and you will get to have all of your special moments without breaking the bank.

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